Welcome Message from Father Michael Brandon

Welcome to the Precious Blood of Our Lord and All Souls. Our Lord Jesus Christ shed his Blood out of love for the whole human race. The special vocation of this parish is to celebrate and proclaim that love.

The church was built to commemorate all those who died in  the Great War of 1914-18. The church also sustained serious bomb damage in the Second World War. It is therefore our particular duty and joy to pray for the souls of the faithful departed and to work for peace and justice throughout the world.

From an architectural and aesthetic point of view All Souls is arguably the most beautiful Catholic church in Coventry. At the heart of our life is prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist, and we hope that what happens in church reflects the beauty of God and enables us to live in joy and peace with ourselves and one another.

The fairly extensive grounds around the church have been improved recently. We now have a lovely Peace Garden with a marble statue of Our Lady, Queen of Peace. This garden is available for prayer and quiet reflection throughout the year.

This is a busy parish with lots going on. As priest in charge, it is my aim for leadership and ministry to be a shared endeavour. To help achieve this the parish have elected a parish pastoral council. Many people work with great dedication to make our parish such a vibrant and happy community.

Understanding God's dealings with us is a lifelong process. Every year we prepare people of all ages for full communion with the Catholic Church. Many children are prepared for the sacraments in partnership with our own school. But however long we have been Catholics we've always got more to learn! Each year we try to put on courses and spiritual talks to encourage this learning process.

May God bless you all

Fr. Michael


Holy Week & Easter:

Maunday Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper, April 2nd 8.00 pm.

Good Friday Liturgy of the Passion & Veneration of the Cross, April 3rd 3.00 pm.

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil, first Mass of Easter, April 4th 8.00 pm.

Easter Sunday, normal Mass times.

Mass Times:

Saturday: 10.00 am,

Sunday: 9.30am and 11.15 am

Holy Day Masses:

9.30 am and 7.00 pm


Saturday 10.30 am to 11.15 am and 4.45pm to 5.15 pm

A Brief History of All Souls

It was decided in 1917 to build a church at Earlsdon as a local memorial to Catholic soldiers and sailors killed in the First World War. Funds were raised, and a site bought in Kingsland Avenue. The parish of All Souls, Earlsdon, was created in 1923 and the church of the PRECIOUS BLOOD AND ALL SOULS, the only new Roman Catholic church to be built in central Coventry after 1893, was opened in 1924. The church, a tall, impressive building, comprised at first the nave only, designed by G. Cave of Coventry. Transepts, side-chapels, sanctuary, and sacristies were added in 1938, to the design of Bower Norris. The finished church was of reinforced concrete frame construction, faced with pink brick and having stone dressings. The Romanesque style of the nave was reproduced in a simpler form for the eastward extensions of 1938.

In the Blitz of 1940, a high explosive bomb landed just outside the walls of the church, damaging the newly built transepts and sanctuary. The building was made safe but it was very spartan, with concrete floors, a wooden altar rail and unplastered walls. The pulpit and pillars were bare and there was no stained glass in the windows. Parishioners used an odd assortment of benches and chairs fixed together with strips of wood and a few kneelers here and there, which were very worn and threadbare.

War damage claim went part of the way to finance the cost of repairs but more was needed and it was not until 1963-64 that it was possible to complete the interior of the transepts and sactuary culminating in the church we see today.

A more detailed history, written by Jean Keenan (a longserving parishoner and former All Souls schoolteacher) can be found by following this link.

Note the history link above was produced for the Coventry Deanery Website.

Considering having your child baptised at All Souls?

Parents should come to Mass and make the necessary arrangements with Fr. Michael. Here is some useful guidance:

About Baptism

What we offer children

Parish Newsletter

The Parish Newsletter is produced each week and gives details of Mass times and intentions for the week ahead.

There are always news items, financial matters and anniversaries. If you are unable to attend Mass then you can download the latest newsletter from here <--------

peace garden

The Peace Garden, dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace, is a place of beauty and prayer, for young and for old, a sanctuary of tranquility in a busy world. At the furthest extremity of the church car park through the archway the Peace Garden is available at all hours of the day and night. If you enjoy gardening and would like to help maintain the garden and surrounding area please speak to Fr.Michael or Carol. Alternatively just come and relax!

Dates for Your Diary


September 27th/28th 2014: New Mass times apply (see below).

October 1st - 17th 2015: How Great Thou Art, a fortnight of events organised by Churches Together in Earlsdon and Chapelfields (CTEC). See the programme of events here, including a recital on All Souls new organ.



Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st: The parish was visited by Bishop William Kenny. The Bishop had lunch with the Spred group on the Saturday and took part in the latest meeting between All Souls and representatives from the Iqra Education Centre. Bishop William also met with the PPC (minutes to follow on the parish council web page). Bishop William preached at both Sunday Masses.

Church Organ: Slowly but surely things are coming together! The complexity of this project is quite amazing. To learn
more visit www.allsoulsorgan.com and see a work in progress.

New Mass Times for the Coventry Deanery: The Archbishop of Birmingham has released new Mass times for the Coventry deanery. These affect most of the churches in Coventry. The new Mass times are available on the Coventry Deanery website (see links on the left margin). The accompanying letter and Mass timetable from the Archbishop is available here.

The new Mass times will apply from September 27th/28th. Unfortunately, despite many objections, All Souls will be losing its Saturday evening 5:30 Mass. We apologise if you are hearing about this for the first time here, but the new Mass times were announced on August 2nd when the parish priest and many parishioners were on holiday.

November 16th: A Remembrance Service was held to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World war.

September 7th: A Parish picnic was held in the Presbytery garden after 11.15 Mass. The weather was more than kind!

Gerard Toman: The solemn profession of Gerard Toman as a Conventual Friar took place in Oxford on August 22. Gerard and his family are pictured with Fr. Michael below. The Greyfriars have a lovely website here.

Fife Road: Fife Road is now open again. This should help with access to the church.

Christian Aid Week: May 11-17 2014

This year the All Souls House-to-House collection for Christian Aid raised £887. A big thankyou to all those who took part in the collection and the cake sale in the parish room. Follow the christian aid link on the left hand sidebar to find out how to take part in the Christian Aid week collection.

Not so new

Parish Jubilee

For a report and pictures of this joyous event follow this link


Congratulations to Deacon Paul

All Souls has a deacon! Paul Rabvukwa has been ordained to the permanent diaconate.




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