October Rosary Whirlwind

October Rosary Whirlwind across the British Isles
More than ever we need to pray and intercede for the conversion to Christ of the people of our land and that they be protected from all danger, all sickness and evil. 

Catholics across England, Wales, Scotland are invited to take up their rosaries for an intensive Rosary Whirlwind Mission during October for the spiritual well-being of the people of the British Isles. 

There is a nightly online Rosary at 8pm led from a different Marian Shrine, Cathedral or Parish. 

Follow the link https://www.rosaryonthecoast.co.uk/ for more information and for each day’s online rosary.

National Rosary relay Rally
On Saturday October 31st – the Eve of All Saints – there will be a National Rosary relay Rally from 9am to 9pm – where the Dioceses of the British Isles are invited to take a designated hour in which the Rosary is said in parishes, homes etc throughout the Diocese. The timetable is to follow soon.