Parish Pastoral Council

The constitution of the PPC sets out the mission, values and rules of the group.


  • To offer advice to the Parish Priest
  • To listen to the Parish – what is valued, what causes concern
  • To report to the Parish after every meeting
  • To discern the issues we face at the moment, both within the Parish and in the wider world
  • To work in the task of evangelisation
  • To promote the teaching of the Church for the common good
  • To actively engage parents and young people in Parish activities
  • To further ecumenical co-operation and inter-religious dialogue
  • To continually develop our prayer, study and thinking according to Catholic principles
  • Time for formation to be included in meetings.


  • Inclusivity – we seek to uphold the God-given dignity of each person, to honour variety and difference. To develop potential. To communicate with the Parish and to consult widely in planning
  • Service – Jesus is our model of service. He came to serve rather than to be served.
  • Solidarity – we seek to deepen the bonds of faith, hope and love which unite us in the Body of Christ. We aim to communicate effectively among ourselves and within the Parish.
  • Spirituality – We strive to discern the gifts of the Spirit working in individuals and in groups. The Kingdom of God is present in our working together and praying together. Through our co-operation, the Holy Spirit can reveal the deeper reality of what we are and what we do.
  • Stewardship – We strive to be faithful to Christ and the Church, fulfilling our mission to treasure, share and hand on what we have received. We seek to use our resources as wisely and effectively as possible.

Membership, Meetings

12 people, under the leadership of the Parish priest, to serve a maximum of four years
Elections to be held every two years at the AGM, to be held annually in June.
Re-election may take place after an absence from PPC of two years.

  • Specific co-options to meetings where there is a particular interest not represented on the Council e.g. Youth, Finance, Ecumenical etc.
  • Minutes to be produced for PPC within 10 days of meeting; Summary available to the Parish within 14 days.
  • Notice of Agenda a week prior to Meeting
  • Minutes of previous Meeting will provide the basis for the Agenda
  • Meetings will be held every two months.
  • To make provision for the formation of Sub-Committees of individuals with particular skills/experience which will further our mission in specific areas eg Youth, Fabric, RCIA, Liturgy

Attendance at meetings – all members to attend meetings; if a member resigns, a replacement may be seconded.

Recent Minutes

The All Souls Parish Pastoral Council meets once every two months in the Parish Room.
Minutes for recent council meetings can be found below: